In Caños de Meca the beaches are of a great variety and beauty, without
the lack of space of other places. These are virgin beaches, clean whenever
nature allows it to be, and tranquil; nudism is part of the identity of our beaches.

A) Playa del Faro y la Curva.

The El Faro y La Curva Beach is a never-ending beach beginning at theTtrafalgar
Lighthouse all the way to Conil. Here you can find the Zahora and Mangueta
Beaches, known for their fine sand. Marvellous sundowns can be seen from here
because of their orientation towards the west.
They are very calm but the waves can sometimes be dangerous for children.
La Curva, or Marisucia Beach is on the other side of the lighthouse, called
Marisucia (dirty sea) because of its seaweed., thrown in by the sea towards
the coast with the east wind.
There are also especially beautiful creeks around the Cape between these two beaches.

B) Apartamentos

At the feet of the "Playas del Estrecho" apartments. Uncomfortable to bathe
in but great for windsurf.

C) Pirata

Receives its name from the restaurant at it's entrance. The most family-oriented
and nearest to bars and chiringuitos. The first fresh water springs fall from the
precipice that separates the beach from the road.

D) Castillejos

Narrower and rockier beach where the practice of nudism is common.

E) Nudista and acantilados

This beach can only be accessed through the Castillejos beach. Illegal camping
on the rocks is frequent.
As you go into the cliff you can enjoy the spectacular view of caves and famous
water curtains falling from the top of the cliff. You can only carry on by boat or
swimming. The cliff has beautiful views.